System Center Developments

By System Center Product Team
Track: On-Prem Technologies

The team will be presenting the improvements and advancements in SC products, mainly covering Orchestrator, Service Manager, Data Protection Manager, Operations Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, etc.

Monitoring Your Hybrid Networks

By Azure Networking Product Team
Track: Azure

Nowadays with many businesses migrating to cloud, you often end up with a complicated network configuration – some on the Azure side, some on premise. Who better than the Azure networking team themselves to guide us on how you should design and monitor your hybrid networks?

Migrate your workloads to Azure using Azure Migrate

By Azure Migrate Product Team
Track: Azure

This session is a deep dive on Azure Migration tools that can help you expedite your cloud migration journey. The session will cover Azure Migrate and Azure Site Recovery showing how you can easily do lift and shift migrations to Azure. Join the session to learn about these tools with demos from the engineering team building the solutions and get insights regarding the future roadmap.

The latest and greatest of SCOM versions

By “SCOM” Bob
Track: On-Prem Technologies

In this session Bob will take us on a journey to explore the changes/improvements/additional features in recent and future versions of SCOM and how they help us monitor the IT world around us. The session will cover in detail the new two options for Licensing – SAC and LTSC which will include everything from 1801 to 1807 to 1901 and 2019!

Web Jobs with Azure

By Chen V
Track: Azure

A session about using Azure Web jobs to make web applications more powerful than before. We will
show how to use PowerShell in Azure Web Jobs and the way to read web jobs programmatically. Oh
Wait! We are ITPro right? So, to justify it we do REST instead of SDK. After this session, ITPro can work along with Developers and assists them in making powerful web
applications or RESTful API.

Azure at the command line – Choosing the right tool for you!

By Ravikanth Chaganti
Track: Azure

There are multiple choices when it comes to managing Azure resources from the command line. The relatively new entrant Azure CLI 2.0 combined with CloudShell is Ravi’s favorite. In this session, he takes us to take a closer look at these different choices and understand the factors to consider when choosing the right tool for your job!

Microsoft On-premise Automation Made Easy

By Stoyan Chalakov
Track: On-Prem Technologies

Get an overview of automation capabilities in today’s MS on-premise world and the options for integrating these automation tools with other MS and third-party systems and products. The session focuses on System Center Orchestrator and Service Management Automation and their capabilities. The session would also cover why an IT Pro would choose one tool over the other. In addition, the variants for interaction with the tools are also discussed – Portals, APIs, Web Services etc.

How to improve customer experience For Less Than $50

By Zvi Uretzky
Track: Azure

The social networks have created too many communication channels between the customer and the company; and the customer expects a response on them all – it is a challenge.

The reason is that before the social network era, companies had control over communication channels such as Fax, Phone, Email, Web sites, etc.

Nowadays, companies have lost this control.

Zvi will show us a simple but powerful solution to this problem, by using a list of Azure serverless products.

Squared Up – The Essential Dashboard Solution

By Richard Benwell
Track: On-Prem Technologies

Join founder and CEO, Richard Benwell, in this fast-paced introduction to Squared Up’s dashboard and enterprise application monitoring solution for System Center Operation Manager and Azure Monitor. In addition, we’ll look at the some of the awesome free community solutions available to you from Squared Up.

Polaris and PSHTML | A Tour of PowerShell web framework

By Chen V
Track: On-Prem Technologies

A tour of Polaris and PSHTML modules. With minimum PowerShell skills ITPro’s can build RESTful API
and fancy web applications for business requirements. We will show all other web frameworks as a gist
and focus more on Polaris which is a cross platform.
Using PSHTML module we can do HTML in PowerShell way. In this session we will show the use case of
PSHTML charting, CDN and local bootstraps. Yes, we can use this with node.js and Polaris applications.

Introduction to developing application for Office 365

By Abhishek Purohit
Track: Cloud

Wondering why you should build apps for Office 365? During this technical training, we’ll uncover the enormous monetization opportunities with Office 365 application development as well as introduce you to developing Office 365 apps that make your solution part of the modern UI.

As a developer, you’ll learn how to build solutions that integrate across the entire Office and Office 365 user experience.